Inesita - what's the difference ?

This is another quick post about Inesita. Lot of people asked me about differences to other framework Clearwater.
I'll try to describe them all.

1. It's all about frontend

First of all I want to keep Inesita a pure front-end framework. There is no integration with rails or any other backend framework.
Just a browser side with tools to generate new application template, generate static files, etc.

2. Keep It Beautiful

Inesita is cure isn't it ? There is a nice DSL for HTML Markup. And I want to make it even more usefull.
Right now render method look like this:

def render
  div class: 'monday active' do
    text 'Monday'

but this shorter version should will be also acceptable in futerue versions

def render do
    text 'Monday'

3. Modularity

I want to keep Inesita as small as possible. There is opal-virtual-dom gem that is responsible for html markup.
Store is a almost empty class where you have to implement data storege that will fit your needs.
And of course live-reload - you can just disable it with if you don't want to use it.

0. Other

I think there are few other minor differences I not include here. Just to keep this post simple, simple and beautiful as Inesita ;)

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